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The pupils of Private School of Toronto visited a fun and purposeful trips

The Prestige School went to an unforgettable and entertaining trips which intends to enlighten the students along with having an excellent bonding experience amongst pupils and teachers.

The first trip was the visit to Casa Loma where the pupils need to take part in a directed trip known as the Lady Pellatt’s Lost Jewels. During the visit to Casa Loma, the pupils will take part in a directed tour called Lady Pellatt’s Lost Jewels. The children will look through the spaces, halls and secret passages in order to help discover the misplaced jewels of Lady Pellatt. After lunch, the teachers and students will have the opportunity to explore the rest of Casa Loma through a self-guided tour. It is truly a difficult and an interesting adventure among pupils as they must locate the lost gems of Lady Pellatt’s. The 2nd trip was the overnight trip to Horseshoe Valley Resort. This trip was also intended to improve both physical activity and social skills to the students.

Continue reading to find out more about the full and remarkable experiences of the students in the Private School.


This previous week was actually a hectic one. On Tuesday, February 26th our younger pupils embarked on their last journey of the 2nd term. The kids spent the day at Casa Loma!

After a 9:30 am departure, the students showed up to Casa Loma simply on time to have a fast treat prior to beginning to explore the mansion. Their task was to help search for Lady Pellatt’s lost gems. Our pupils did terrific at this! They found all of them! A few of the gems were on pictures; others were hanging from light fixtures in the collection, while others were forgotten on furniture pieces.

After lunch pupils walked through tunnels, went to more rooms, went up and down staircases, and ended their tour at the top of Casa Loma. Before going back to school, the pupils spent a few mins at the present shop to purchase little mementos and at the snack bar for drink.

The pupils returned pleased and ready to share their learning about Casa Loma and some fascinating realities about Lady Pellatt.


Private School

Our Top Private School in Toronto had actually prepared an over night journey to Horseshoe Valley Resort and our pupils from Grades 4 to 12 were thrilled! When the journey should be postponed due to the storm that hit Toronto, the excitement all of a sudden turned to disappointment! Luckily it was held off by just a day.

Our students, with Mrs. Margold and Mr. Vlad, left on Thursday, February 28th at around 9:30 am and returned to the school on Friday, March 1st at 4:30 pm. All the pupils appeared exceptionally delighted but rather exhausted upon return.

It was a busy two-day adventure that began with the bus ride to the Resort, followed by lunch. Shortly after that, pupils began their holiday in the snow by taking part in skiing lessons and cross country snowboarding. Students came back to be prepared for supper and plan the rest of their night when they had hit all of the trails.

The second day was as much enjoyable as the first one. Right after a full morning meal, the pupils spend a huge part of the day tubes and trying different slide designs. Later in the day pupils returned on the bus to head to Toronto, but not prior to picking up lunch. Throughout lunch, someone who was eating at the exact same establishment as our school, approached Mrs. Margold to comment on how well behaved and courteous our pupils are. Mrs. Margold was really pleased and proud to receive such a wonderful compliment from a total stranger who took the time to go talk to her.

We are so proud of every one of you!

The upcoming journey – STAGE PLAY OF THE WIZARD OF OZ

Students are also looking forward to the following trip. The students will be leaving the school at 12 o’clock sharp in order to make it on time for the show that starts at 1:30 pm, and are anticipated to be back at around 4 pm.

Pupils are advised to be completely uniform for this trip.

Enjoy and enjoy the show!

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