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Students at the Private School in Toronto learns generosity as they reach out to help those in need thru supporting the Prestige School food drive project

This past week was a very busy one at our school! Our pupils and staff participated in the various tasks, trying to make a change on many levels. One of those is the Prestige School Food drive

At the Prestige School, we educate pupils ways to become generous and helpful even in an easy method. It our way of teaching them an act of being caring with other people, specifically with those who are in need. We believe that it will help them grow as a much better person who can understand others sensations and who can make a change by doing an act of being a caring individual. This year we made a move to expose them also, not just teaching them with lessons but also providing them the chance to do it in action.

Helping others and being part of the community is essential for the pupils and instructors at our Private School. Among the ways of being energetic participants in our local area is through arranging a Winter season Food Drive to help the less fortunate.

This year’s meals drive will start on Monday, December 3rd and will end on Thursday, December 20th. Each homeroom will gather canned and non-perishable meals products that will be contributed to the regional food bank.

Kindly take the time to bring delight to and make a change in the lives of the families in need within our neighborhood.

We believe that a small contribution can go a long way with the helping hand of each other!

Let’s give a helping hand to the less privileged. We motivate pupils to be helpful and thoughtful to other people.

Our Winter season Food Meal Drive began at the start of the week and will continue up until Thursday, December 20th. Many of our pupils, moms and dads and instructors have revealed terrific support in this cause. During this past week, pupils from numerous grades brought cans of veggies and tuna, canned tomatoes, pasta, noodles and a lot more.

The meals boxes under our tree are filling truly quickly, however we can never have enough since there are lots of households in need. This is the reason we encourage everybody to take part in this effort to help support families less privileged than us this holiday by bringing canned and dried items, and non-perishable meals products.

We would want to express our sincerest thanks to all of you who have been very supportive and for cooperating in this worthy cause.

Supporting the prestige school food meals drive.

Over the last couple of weeks The Prestige School has actually been arranging a Food Drive for the less privileged people in our neighborhood. With the support of our pupils, moms and dads and instructors we have actually gathered numerous boxes full of non-perishable and canned foods.

Educators have actually been talking with their pupils about the value of participating in this worthy cause, as well as the ways in which they can offer help to others. Additionally, teachers have actually been encouraging every one to bring exactly what they can in order to collect as much goods as possible. One of the activities organized to advertise the Food Drive, was the creation of posters by the Grade 1 and 2 pupils during Ms. Meaghan’s Media Literacy class|.

The last day of our Food Drive was Thursday, December 20th, and throughout the day Mrs. Margold, with a couple school representatives, took the contributions to the Fire Station in our neighborhood.

A huge thank you heads out to all our instructors, students and moms and dads for being actively involved in advertising this cause and taking part in the process. A huge thank you to Mr. Vlad, Ms. Meaghan, and the Grade 1 and 2 students for the great posters they made in order to promote our Food Drive.

Great job everyone!

At our local fire station

On Friday, December 21st, pupil representatives from our school, together with Mr. Vlad, dropped off the goods that was gathered by our school during our Yearly Food Drive at our local Fire Station. The Prestige School students gathered 5 boxes of canned goods and non-perishable meals for the families in need in our area.

A huge thank you heads out to everyone who donated to our Food Drive.

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