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The Prestige School applauded 100 days back when the school take off

Can you believe it has been one hundred days back when the school started?!

It has been 100 days since Private School began! Can you believe it? This is a turning point and a fantastic reason to commemorate! It is also an additional means to acknowledge the significance of discovering and of education in an interactive and fun manner. On Friday, February 22nd our pupils in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will participate in tasks based on the number one hundred. All the tasks will include themes and topics from the numerous topics that they have been researching such as Math, English, Science, Art and Social Studies. Our 100th Day party will take place in the gym right after lunch. Ms. Brenda has actually been striving on preparing this fun filled educational day, and has prepared a lot of stations that pupils will go to in order to participate in. They will count, and compose, and draw, and color, and glue and … Well, we do not want to give too much away. Keep reviewing to find out the things that the teachers and pupils accomplishments in this party.


What an amazing day Friday was! It was the 100th Day of School! Our pupils in Kindergarten to Grade 3 spent the entire day discovering various means to utilize the number 100 and worked on various activities that consisted of that number. They covered 100 locations they wished to see, 100 compliments to each other, 100 ways to make the number 100 and much more.

At around 2 in the afternoon, the pupils gathered in the gym which is when the real fun started! Ms. Brenda had planned numerous fun, academic and hands on tasks that everyone participated in. The students were put in groups and had the opportunity to take part in each station that was available. While one team of students was making a framework making use of 100 cups, another group was working on making a pendant with 100 pieces of cereal! The structures were remarkable and innovative, and the lockets looked lovely and yummy! A few of our younger children made gym ball devices making use of paper plates and paint.

The children needed to put 10 drops of 10 various colors of paint on their plate! The older students drew themselves at the age of 100, and everyone made and embellished their 100th Day glasses. The agreement though was that the best station was the 100 Treats station. Pupils were provided small plastic bags to fill up with 10 deals with from each of the 10 different ones offered. That is a lot of candies!

Our events ended with a show and tell of 100 items that each student had actually brought in. The pupils were exceptionally innovative in their choices of 100 items! There were 100 Lego characters, 100 Canadian flags making the number 100, puzzles with 100 pieces, 100 hundred dollar bills (not real obviously) and so many more.

Teachers and students had a lot of happy moments! A big gratitude heads out to Ms. Brenda for planning and arranging the entire day, along with to Ms. Nana, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Jenny and Ms. Yerial for directing the students through the cool tasks and assisting them to complete the tasks at hand. We would also wish to thank Mr. Vlad for the wonderful 100th Day poster and the High School English course for assisting with setting the gymnasium up and with organizing some of the stations.

Congratulations on 100th days of school 100th day celebrations!!

Parent and Teacher Social, an additional activity for the month of September

On Friday September 21st, from 5 to 7 pm, our school will hold a Parent Teacher Social at our Toronto campus. It will be a casual event, where the parents will have the chance to meet their child’s instructors and to talk about her/his progress up until now this year. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning the curriculum, go over the activities and the events that our private school has actually prepared for this year, as well as address any concerns or concerns they might have.

We look forward to seeing every one of you there!

Have a look at the best and newest on Private School right here http://www.prestigeprivateschool.ca

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