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Fun loaded activities at the Private School in Toronto this April

Each month is not just a plain month at the Private School

as we celebrate pupil’s life in an unique and unforgettable way, every once in a while. During April, we have lots of fun events for our students. This month, we are looking at the quality of fairness. It is not just about discovering the significance of this character but also enjoying at the same time. The students also associated with an action towards cleaning Toronto. It’s our expression of encouraging everyone to keep the whole city clean and green.

The character trait for the month of April is FAIRNESS. During this month, our students are discovering about the meaning and the significance of being fair in their English and Social Studies subjects.

Fairness is treating others in an unbiased and equitable way. This implies offering everybody the opportunity to reveal their concepts, thoughts and points of view and being accepting of them, even when one does not concur. It also suggests sharing one’s viewpoints in a non-confrontational manner.

In addition, fairness indicates to consist of everybody when playing a game, to ensure everyone knows the guidelines and comprehends them, to take turns and to share. Fairness is also to constantly consider how one’s activities affect others, to take obligation for one’s mistakes and not criticize others for them, and to not capitalize on other individuals. It is necessary for kids to discover about the meaning and the significance of fairness from an early age. It is our duty, as moms and dads and educators, to instruct our kids about fairness, but to also portray it in our daily lives.

On Thursday, April 25th we will hold our Character Education Assembly on FAIRNESS. During this assembly we will acknowledge those students who will have revealed that they have actually made an effort to show this particular quality in the class, the play ground and at home.

Let us assist in keeping Toronto City clean!

Exactly what have you done recently to help keep our city clean? Have you done your role? If not, this is a wonderful chance to get involved and assist. The city’s Clean Toronto Together program, which began 3 years ago, is calling all Toronto businesses, school and residents to assist cleanse our city from debris, litter and graffiti vandalism from roads, parks and public locations. The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, specified on Thursday, May 4th, 2013: « I would like to invite you to get together with buddies, household and neighbors to clean up a public park, a ravine, a boulevard, a street. » (citynews official website) Two dates have been selected for this occasion: Friday, April 19th for the School and Corporate Clean-up and Saturday, April 20th for the Community Clean Up. The students and personnel at The Prestige School will actively participate in this effort by signing up with the Clean Toronto Together campaign on Friday, April 19th. Together, students and instructors, will be cleaning the school grounds and discovering about the value of keeping our city clean.

« The only way to advance, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment,.is to get everybody included. » -Richard Rogers.


At The Prestige School, electronic gadgets, such iPods or other music listening devices, PSPs, cell phones, and other electronic devices are not enabled because they cause a diversion for students. If an electronic gadget is brought to school, it should be kept out of sight and silenced throughout the school day. Students are reminded that if they are caught utilizing an electronic gadget, that device will be confiscated for 24 hours and a parent/guardian interview might be needed to retrieve the confiscated property.

Summer break is simply a few months away. Have you chose exactly what you and your child will be doing this season? Exactly what are your plans for your kid’s getaway? Here at The Prestige School, we provide the enjoyable, activity filled, yet educational summertime that your kid is trying to find!

Our Summer Camp, which begins on July 2nd to August 30th and flies Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., provides a variety of programs and activities. Students from all schools are invited to join! Register soon in order not to miss the Early Registration Deadline of May 15th for a discount of.

10%. Discover, make pals and enjoy this summer season!

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The Prestige School

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